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Digital learning and digital transformation of existing courses

Why collaborate with Luceole
to digitize your training courses?

With digitization, the risk of losing focus on operational and educational objectives is even greater than in face-to-face training. There are many modalities and hundreds of tools to implement them.

It is essential to find the right balance between intensity and frequency of requests while ensuring a simple organization.

Define the right

"mix" of tools

  • Structure the multimodal path (alternation and rhythm of modalities)

  • Define the tools to design the digital training course (ParcOOroo, Powtoon, Genially, Socrative, 360learning ...)

Provide value added


  • Set up social learning dynamics

  • Create advanced interactive content


  • Organize and accelerate deployment actions (tutoring, communication, administration, etc.).

Optimizing the investment

design and deployment

  • Control the costs of acquisition and / or subscription of tools, delivery costs, internal costs and deadlines


  • Anticipate content updates and expected developments

Proven expertise


We support you in digitizing training modules such as long courses, with or without an LMS platform.


We are implementing an approach that respects data security, compliance with training regulations and aims for the best possible eligibility for funding.

We simulate the fixed costs (design, update) and variable costs (delivery) of different path assumptions, with regard to the expected volumes. This allows you to define a training system generating the desired margin rates.

Got a project?

Are you a training manager, a training organization or an independent trainer? Take advantage of a solid and customized training expertise for your digital learning classes!

The Luceole difference

Expertise in digitalization of training courses of more than 20 years

Transposition of the acquired knowledge according to the profiles of learners to their work situations.

Proven project management regardless of your industry

DLT certification, Digital Learning Trainer Excellence for digital integration, with or without an LMS platform

Luceole expert en ingénierie pédagogique et formation
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