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Training in professional effectiveness

Why train your teams in professional effectiveness with Luceole?

Culture of responsiveness, omnipresence of digital tools , work in cross-functional teams, telework ... such is today, and in the long term, the context of very many employees.

How can everyone contribute to the company's performance ? By combining individual performance and collective performance, it is possible for everyone to be effective (achievement of objectives), efficient (economy of means) and relevant (adapted resources).

And you, what are your issues?

Learning and perfecting one's meeting facilitation

  • Prepare and facilitate a meeting useful to all

  • Make the most of remote meetings, by video conference

  • Promote decision-making in meetings

  • Prepare and lead a Steering Committee

  • Hold only those meetings that are necessary

  • Use innovative methods to engage attendees

Learning and perfecting one's written and oral communication

  • Communicate via email quickly and efficiently

  • Write useful and easy-to-read reports

  • Assert oneself in all circumstances

  • Communicate to understand and be understood.

  • Increase one's impact in public speaking

  • Master French spelling and expression

Learning and perfecting one's time management and telework

  • Identify one's real priorities and plan them optimally

  • Manage interruptions and unforeseen events

  • Organize one's telework space

  • Organize one's time in hybrid work

  • Boost collective efficiency remotely

  • Manage stress and energy

Engaging training for real usefulness 

  • Active educational sequences giving maximum scope for learners


  • Digital tools to boost face-to-face and distance training

  • Short formats (half-day Focus) in virtual class on targeted issues

  • Most training courses available in virtual classrooms

  • Client's tools and case studies integrated for optimal transposition to your employees' working context

A project ?

You are a HR or  Training Director, training organization or independent trainer ?

Contact us to define together, without obligation, the best training response to your professional efficiency needs!

The Luceole difference

Over 20 years experience in instructional design

Coaching and tailor-made services according to your own needs

A pragmatic approach that combines creativity and project management

Multi-sector and multi-team expertise

Luceole expert en ingénierie pédagogique et formation
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