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Example of mission

Getting started with technical and IT tools

E-learning to get started with software packages (ERP, planning software, tools for producing technical reports) and business operating modes.



Quickly make new hires operational in customer service centers.

Take into account the context of the gradual arrival of collaborators and the difficulty of organizing face-to-face training groups.

The challenge?

  • Creation of 4 E-learning courses for

    • the rapid and reliable handling of the company's software packages (ERP, planning software, reporting platform)

    • integration and appropriation of business operating methods

Luceole's actions

  • Identification of the challenges and operational objectives of the target populations.

  • Familiarization with operating modes and viewing tutorials for:

    • Construct the educational breakdown and questions

    • Offer educational alternatives.

  • Construction of validations of acquired knowledge.

The results


The E-learning courses have made it possible, as desired by the customer, to train newcomers over time (more than 700 participants over a hundred sessions).

The courses are perpetuated.


The owners of the courses co-constructed the updating of the modules with Luceole, with greater autonomy than during the initial design.


Analysis of the results and learner feedback guided the continuous improvement of the modules.


According to the project framework, actions were split among the owners and learning expert.The delivery of samples (educational videos, questions) made it possible to adjust the productions.


Finally, expert knowledge of the company's LMS platform enables them to carry out occasional updates on their own.



Want to know more?

Contact our experts to discover other examples of missions that Luceole was able to carry out recently for its clients!

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