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Example of mission

Successful On-boarding

Advice, design, management and training engineering of integration courses for new technicians in the company.



Faced with the shortage of expert technicians, the number 3 in the verification services of equipment with more than 1,500 technicians, wished to integrate young graduates to train them in its profession.

The challenge?

  • Set up the organization of the integration course and its content within 3 months (administrative, tutoring, educational aspects).

  • Strengthen the existing network of trainers in order to multiply the number of trainings by 5.

Luceole's actions


Communicate internally to managers to enable them to integrate employees according to the new Onboarding process (integration memento, information videoconference) in order to retain new employees.


  • Design or adapt training modules with stakeholders

  • Pilot and keep mobilized the administrative and educational actors ...

  • Retain new employees

  • Create for new hires a link with board members

The results


Three years after its creation, the course of on-boarding is perpetuated. Almost a third of technicians have have been trained through it, to date.

This course made it possible to overcome the shortage of technicians, and therefore to ensure the capacity to produce contracts. It is a HR lever which is key for the commercial development of the activity.

This journey generates a virtuous collective dynamic. More than 50 tutors support the skills development of technicians in the local agencies.


Forty trainers from the agencies led 2,500 training days in 2020.



Want to know more?

Discuss with our experts to share other examples of missions that Luceole has carry out for its International and French customers!

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