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Training engineering

Why collaborate with Luceole's training engineering experts?

A training that is neither really operational, nor engaging, is not far from being

a waste of time and money.


Whether you are a Training Manager, a training organization or an independent trainer, improving your training thanks to training engineering is just essential.

Design professional training content

  • Design modules allowing a real acquisition of skills

  • Plan consolidation, breathing, revitalization sequences ... beyond the content modules

Provide engaging training

  • Sharpen your listening skills to better meet the requirements of your teams and customers

  • Ensure learner engagement and satisfaction

Develop your operational and financial performance

  • Benefit from support that meets your financial constraints and your content quality requirements

  • Retain your employees and customers through the quality of your training

A proven methodology


The training engineering allows you to turn your business, HR... needs and objectives, into a solid, operational and measurable training system.


This system must be focused on the transposition into the professional activities of employees.


We use a proven methodology so that our customers can rely on us, validate the steps, communicate internally as necessary.

Got a project?

Take advantage of the know-how of training engineering experts to increase the quality of your training and delivery!

The Luceole difference

More than 20 years of experience in training engineering for your training projects

Implementation of acquired know-how by trainers

Integrating digital learning methods into your training, with or without an LMS platform

A solid and proven project management in all business sectors

Luceole expert en ingénierie pédagogique et formation
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