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Independent trainers

Design and run quality training , develop your activity as a trainer , optimize the time spent in educational design ...

You want to

Luceole expert en ingénierie pédagogique pour Formateurs indépendants


How many times have you been confronted with these questions:

  • I am going to design a training course, where do I start?

  • I have my content as a PowerPoint, how can I transform it into a learning experience?

  • Will my training delivery be comparable or superior to that of the training courses already followed by the trainees?

  • I am in contact with a client, how do I stand out to win the contract?

  • How to obtain positive evaluations at the end of the training?

  • How to be a good trainer and excel in training delivery?

Dedicated support

Have you recently acquired a professional title or a continuing education diploma?

Do you have experience as an occasional trainer and want to deepen your knowledge of training?

Do you want to excel in instructional design?


We support you from where you are to achieve your goal of

quality and autonomy.

We make the link with your targets and challenges to enhance your training offer!


Develop an attractive training offer

  • Build a training offer or range.

  • Develop program sheets compliant with regulations.

  • Choose adapted teaching methods (face-to-face, digital, mixed).

  • Define your optimal pricing.

Luceole expert en ingénierie pédagogique pour élaborer une offre de Formateurs indépendants
Ancre 1 - élaborer offre
Luceole expert en ingénierie pédagogique pour gagner une contrat client de Formateurs indépendants


Win a training contract

  • Know how to take a value-added training brief for you and for the client.

  • Write a training project proposal.

  • Build an offer and rate the stages of the project.

  • Associate your client in the development of the training solution.

  • Create successful training supports.

Ancre 2 - gagnr contrat


Design a course or a training

  • Develop the learning concept by alternating effectively the modalities for learners.

  • Develop the learning path.

  • Design a virtual classroom.

  • Design a "rapid learning" module without an LMS platform.

  • Design an e-learning module for an LMS platform.

  • Design impactful and varied learning sequences.

  • Engage learners throughout the course.

  • Measure the achievements.

Luceole expert en ingénierie pédagogique pour concevoir un parcours de Formateurs indépendants
Ancre 3 - concevoir formation

Got a project?

Professionalize the content and delivery of your training with training engineering experts and offer quality training to your customers!

The Luceole difference

In-depth expertise in selling and carrying out training projects

A pedagogy and an integration of administrative requirements in accordance with QUALIOPI

Tailor-made training and support according to your needs

The training of trainers and digital training tutors

Luceole expert en ingénierie pédagogique et formation
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