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Joy precedes success

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Learning takes effort, but it can be done… with joy. Our belief is that even for difficult subjects, joy is possible. Not too easy, not too difficult, the right mix and the right methods contribute to the pleasure of learning. Yes, joy is a condition for success… for all those involved in learning.

What subject for this first article?

For our first blog article, we had a whole list of topics: the outsourcing of teaching, why digitize your training and where to start, the 3 best practices for a successful integration process ... We'll cover them, promised. Today, we are going to talk about the state of mind. A state of mind that we want to share with you.

The joy of contributors to a training project precedes the success of the project

A training project is subject to the same constraints and uncertainties as any other type of project. It is rare that a contributor (expert, designer, or other) is dedicated to the project. Very often, the training project comes in addition to operational tasks and other projects. The lack of time, the lack of perspective and the abundance of meetings, can adversely affect the quality of the engagement.

To overcome this, the quality of project management is essential. Meetings with agendas, prepared decision-making, targeted and reasonable requests contribute to the good progress of the project. An agile approach also makes it possible to design with a sufficient level of detail, to pilot according to the hazards ...

In these favorable conditions, project contributors can put their energy into the deliverables. They live a positive and modeling project experience. Treated with consideration, they feel valued. The joy of contributing, the sincerity of the commitment are encouraged. This is reflected in the quality of the deliverables.

The trainers' joy of transmitting precedes the quality of the training

What are the main motivations of trainers? When we ask them, they quote:

  • the desire to transmit

  • their desire to acquire cross-cutting skills (public speaking or facilitation skills)

  • their desire to reinforce and compare their skills on the subjects on which they are going to lead training sessions

  • their desire to meet new people, to expand their network, even to travel ...

Giving them satisfaction on all these points feeds their joy to intervene as a trainer. How can we do this?

  • by showing them how much room they have to maneuver

  • by helping them express their enthusiasm (it's contagious!)

  • by supporting them in getting started with a coherent presentation kit and making good use of their (often short) preparation time

  • by allowing time for action and exchange...

All of this has a positive impact on the quality of the training delivery.

Learners' joy in learning precedes the quality of their learning

What learning effort? Training that is too easy, or too difficult, encourages dropout. Training design and facilitation are essential to calibrate the effort required from learners. Effort is essential to learning.

Accompanied, supported, the learner sees the reward for his or her efforts. In this regard, the trainers must imperatively avoid "demonstrating" their own expertise, at the risk of discouraging learners. The design of the training as well as their training as trainers must allow them to be, absolutely, at the service of the learner and his/her learning.

What framework? Training that is fun, engaging, and promotes collaboration allows for better learning. The right to make mistakes and benevolence are imperative. Discerning the moments of learning and the moments of evaluation, with clear rules, contribute to the feeling of security necessary for learning.

What is the link with work situations? The concern to help transpose must be constant. Work situations must be identified at the design stage to be the subject of exercises and training, that is certain. The theory must be as free as possible from top-down presentation, so that the participants are active even during the notional contributions.

These elements promote the joy of learning, which makes it possible to overcome obstacles, to feed curiosity… Thus, skills are acquired and consolidated.

Joy precedes success

This is why we believe that joy precedes success, and this is why, at Luceole, we put our joy at the service of your success.

Claire Fromageot

Founder & CEO

Luceole, expert in training engineering, carries out and accompanies your customized training projects.


Luceole expert en ingénierie pédagogique et formation
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