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Luceole strengthens its training offer in written and oral communication

Mastery of French, both written and spoken, is a key to the success of employees: better onboarding, reduction of the risk of misunderstanding, nuanced and precise expression, credibility, etc. French HR departments are not mistaken and make this a major expectation in their recruitment. How does Luceole support this expectation with its training offer?

Luceole strengthens its training offer in written and oral communication by partnering with the Voltaire Project

The Voltaire Project is an online training tool that adapts to the learner's level of proficiency in expression and spelling. Learners also have the opportunity to take the Voltaire Certificate, which certifies a level of French language proficiency. More than 7 million users have been trained or certified with Voltaire.

Luceole enriches its written and oral communication training with the Voltaire Project.

We therefore offer a complete training programme combining practice in speaking and managing difficult interpersonal situations, mastery of professional writing (email, etc.) and personalised online training with Voltaire.

This training also allows you to certify your French skills, so don't hesitate!

Do you need to boost the spelling, speaking, listening or emailing skills of your employees, trainers or tutors? Luceole offers you targeted half-day training courses in virtual classrooms or more comprehensive training courses.

To receive the list of our training courses or discuss a project, contact Luceole!

Claire Fromageot

Founder & CEO

Luceole, a professional effectiveness training organisation, trains your employees on an inter-company basis and carries out your tailor-made training projects.


Luceole expert en ingénierie pédagogique et formation
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